Cleaning Business Skills

What skills do you need to start a cleaning business?

Well, for one you need to know how to clean.  Most of us already know this, but to clean for someone else you need an attention to detail. 

You need to be able to clean good and at a pace that won’t require much of your time.

Knowing how to use cleaning tools and having a backup is important.  Even if you don’t carry two of everything with you to each job you need to know that a backup is ready somewhere if needed.

On the business side of things you will need to know at least some basic record keeping.  Use a CPA or professional accountant to take care of your books and get suggestions from them on what works best.

Giving estimates may be the biggest unknown when thinking about starting your cleaning business.  How much do I charge?  We will get to that topic in the near future.

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Getting Started

Thinking about starting a cleaning business?

 You have come to the right place.  This BLOG is all about starting and running a cleaning business.

Before we begin there are some things that we need to think about.

What skills do I have?

What skills will I need that I don’t currently have?

Can I learn the skills I need but don’t have?

What kind of cleaning business do I want to start?

How many competitors are there in my area?

How much time do I have to devote to a cleaning business?

What is my backup plan if I get sick or can’t make it to a cleaning appointment?

These are just a few of the things we will need to discuss before we even really get our hands dirty.

I enjoy marketing, so I am anxious to discuss marketing.  But that will have to wait a little while.

 Please stop back often for updates.